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Through LEGO® play experiences, we want to create opportunities for children to reach their potential. All LEGO play experiences are based on the underlying philosophy of learning and development through play, and the LEGO System in Play enables us to constantly innovate to provide children with play experiences that encourage them to problem-solve, discover, and be creative.

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Play with fantastic creatures, cuddly giants and tiny critters.

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LEGO® cars are toy cars for kids of all ages - everywhere

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Here you'll find everything you need to build a beautiful town.

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Hours of stacking, sorting and free-form building fun for little hands

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Real-Life Heroes

When the day needs saving, there’s no one better to call than a child!

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For builders who love the fantasy worlds and make believe.

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For a princess, everyday is a new awesome epic building adventure.

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Find the perfect STEM gift for toddlers, teenagers and Dads here.

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One small step for man, one giant leap for our great space sets!

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From developing fine motor and spatial skills in little ones to stimulating the limitless imagination of the young and old alike, the magic of the easy to learn but difficult to master LEGO brick continues to amaze and excite. Your child can build whatever they can think of from epic programmable robots to fire breathing dragons. LEGO cultivates logical thinking, problem solving and creativity in young minds allowing children to be the creators and heroes of their very own stories and adventures again and again and again.

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Parent Quotes

Children have to, in the first place, have confidence in themselves to be able to communicate with others, and to achieve success in life. Because with confidence comes communication, interaction with others, sharing and making decisions.

Parent, United Kingdom

Creativity will help in every single life situation, making children more adaptable to life's challenges. 

Parent, United Kingdom

Playtime is a moment of sharing laughter, pleasure and exchanges. 

Parent, France

Quality play means the play that helps my child's mental and psychological growth, encourages self-esteem and builds confidence. 

Parent, Saudi Arabia

Curiosity and creativity are important for children to learn new knowledge. This is very important as it is the motivation to explore new knowledge. 

Parent, China