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What is LEGO® DUPLO®?

Used as the building blocks and starting foundation for LEGO® System bricks and builds, LEGO® DUPLO is specifically designed, thoroughly tested with the highest safety standards, and aimed towards young fans of LEGO. Perfectly crafted for kids between the ages of 1 1⁄2 and 5 years old, across a wide range of interests, LEGO DUPLO is the ultimate learning and play tool for small hands with big ideas. As these are designed with the standard LEGO System bricks that we all know and love in mind, the jump from LEGO DUPLO to standard LEGO System is a smooth transition. Whether it is animals from all across the world, iconic characters from shows and movies, or real life scenarios, there is a LEGO DUPLO set for every toddler. Explore our extensive range today!

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