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LEGO® Celebration Bag Charm

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Item 853989
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Ages 6+
Pieces 29


Let your mom, dad, brick buddy and other special people in your life know how you feel about them with this LEGO® Iconic Celebration Bag Charm (853989). It features an authentic 2x6 yellow LEGO brick attached to a chain and ring, plus assorted elements and message stickers for personalization. It also makes a great key chain. A fun, creative birthday present or super little gift any time, whether the recipient is a ‘champion' or your ‘BFF', this charm is bound to make them smile!

  • Celebrate special people with this super, customizable LEGO® Iconic Celebration Bag Charm, featuring an authentic 2x6 yellow LEGO brick attached to a sturdy metal chain and ring.
  • A fun birthday present or holiday gift or nice surprise any time for LEGO® fans aged 6 and up, it includes 17 assorted elements and message stickers to personalize the bag charm.
  • This bag charm measures over 4” (10cm) long. An eye-catching way for your mom, dad, BFF or any important person in your life to customize their bag, it also can be used as a key chain.
853989 | LEGO® Celebration Bag Charm

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