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Creativity unleashed

New LEGO® Originals celebrate a legacy of creativity, inventiveness and storytelling

Start a new story

Add the new bookshop to your LEGO® Modular Building collection.

Build your way around the world

Explore the worlds iconic landmarks and cityscapes with LEGO® Architecture

Play LEGO® Hidden Side™ with friends

New multiplayer options lets them choose the way they play

New Heartlake City adventures

Build new LEGO® Friends sets and create new stories

Spotlight On...

Choose a side. Build a legacy.

Continue the Skywalker™ saga with new LEGO® Star Wars™ sets.

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Catch crooks in all-new ways.

Explore new crime-fighting features in new LEGO® City sets.

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What's new in Heartlake City?

Bring home new LEGO® Friends adventures in baking, glamping and more. 

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Rise to the challenge

This 4x4 is ready for action. Are you?

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The best learning toys for small hands

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LEGO® Hidden Side™

Become a legendary ghost hunter

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What's New!?

Check out our newest product assortment!

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Hard to Find

Find limited and other hard-to-find items!

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What's hot and selling fast! Buy your favourites now!

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