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Learning through play with LEGO® DUPLO®

It’s fun and moving to watch your little one meet new developmental milestones as they grow. Through play children practice fundamental life skills. This can be loud, messy, sometimes even a little painful, but every new skill learned is a victory. From “hands on” fine motor skills to social skills, playing with LEGO DUPLO inspires, facilitates and supports your child’s imagination, curiosity and courage to conquer the world, one little step - and one big brick - at a time.

Children’s Developmental Areas:

Shapes & Colours

Whether your child likes to play sorting games with food, toy cars, books or building blocks, most toddlers love to examine and experiment with shapes, structures and colors. Playing with different materials involves both logic and creativity and helps your child develop cognitive, spatial, and language skills.

Fine Motor Skills

The process of movement including assembling, stacking and combining things helps develops your childs hand-eye coordination. Interacting with popular LEGO DUPLO elements like windows and doors that your child can open and close play a big part in perfecting finger dexterity.

Numbers & Counting

Learning about letters, numbers, and counting is one of the first mysterious codes kids want to crack. It opens the doors to a world of endless new possibilities. Suddenly your child can measure how tall they are, count their toes, toys and how many times they can jump from the bed!

Imagination & Creativity

To your little one, anything is still possible, and they will use whatever is at hand to express themselves, play and create solutions. Creativity is the bridge between imagination and reality. It may “just” be a cardboard box today. But if you encourage your child experiment with safe, age-appropriate materials to create whatever they can imagine, they will develop invaluable skills for life.

Language Development

Sometimes their vocabulary can’t keep up when it comes to expressing ideas, emotions or questions. LEGO DUPLO learning toys and pretend games support your little one’s verbal development. Watch them enjoy using their newfound language skills to identify a ‘yellow’ brick, learning numbers, or creating role-play stories with their favorite characters!

Social & Emotional Skills

Toddlers can go from tears to smiles in a matter of seconds and that’s okay. Whether exploring the world is an adventure or a little confusing for your little one, you can help them by encouraging play ideas that are appropriate for their age and skill set. They can play LEGO DUPLO car games with a sibling or friend, collaborate on fairytale adventures in Disney’s Belle’s magical world or superhero missions with LEGO DUPLO Batman™ toys.