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They grow up so fast!

Nobody likes to lose a someone but friends are always forever. So while Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia, and Emma have grown up, there are EIGHT brand new characters attending Heartlake City International High School!

Meet your new best FRIENDS:

Hi, I’m Aliya. I'm always trying my best to be a top achiever. I’m calm, poised, and love horseback-riding and books.

Hi, I’m Autumn. I'm a carefree outdoor lover and nothing holds me back! I love our planet and animals.

Hi, I’m Leo. My passion is cooking. I love the beach and the ocean, and enjoy surfing or paddleboarding.

Hi, I’m Liann. I love to draw and hope to create my own comic book one day. I’m big on skateboarding!

Hi, I’m Nova. I'm an avid gamer and live streamer who looks to forge real bonds with Friends!

Hi, I’m Olly. I’m a huge fashionista, an optimist at heart and self-taught in a lot of things!

Hi, I’m Zac. I like to joke, I’m quick on my feet, and a huge anime and cartoon fan. I love being in the spotlight.

Hi, I’m PaIsley. Even though I’m shy and anxious, I love singing. I’m also an amazing instrumentalist.

Ready for a sleep over?