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What is LEGO® DUPLO®?

Used as the building blocks and starting foundation for LEGO® System bricks and builds, LEGO® DUPLO is specifically designed, thoroughly tested with the highest safety standards, and aimed towards young fans of LEGO. Perfectly crafted for kids between the ages of 1 1⁄2 and 5 years old, across a wide range of interests, LEGO DUPLO is the ultimate learning and play tool for small hands with big ideas. As these are designed with the standard LEGO System bricks that we all know and love in mind, the jump from LEGO DUPLO to standard LEGO System is a smooth transition. Whether it is animals from all across the world, iconic characters from shows and movies, or real life scenarios, there is a LEGO DUPLO set for every toddler. Explore our extensive range today!

Veggies have never been this fun before!

WIth the new My First Organic playsets for DUPLO, your little one will learn the benefits of healthy eating and how plants grow in a creativie and imaginative way.

Grow-your-own-food fun for toddlers

Toddlers plant their carrot and watch it thrive as it’s exposed to the right kind of weather with the 10981 | LEGO® DUPLO® Growing Carrot set.

Bring in your own harvest

Your little one can hone their stacking skills as they build plants to make them grow with the 10982 | LEGO® DUPLO® Fruit and Vegetable Tractor set.

Got your shopping list?

Take your toddler to the market to enjoy some fun shopping play with loads and loads of healthy goodies to choose from with the 10983 | LEGO® DUPLO® Organic Market set.

A garden of creativity

Budding garden lovers can explore the garden, make friends with the wildlife and learn how plants grow with the 10984 | LEGO® DUPLO® Organic Garden set.


Some skills are best learned outside of the classroom. Like the emotional skills that help youngsters start off in life as both happy and confident. That’s why DUPLO playsets are tailor-made for toddlers, to nurture their…


It sounds strange, but failing to fit LEGO® DUPLO® bricks together is as valuable as succeeding. From first learning to click two bricks together to eventually building anything they can imagine, sticking with a challenge provides a BIG start for kids learning to never give up.


There’s no wrong way to play with DUPLO® bricks. And once kids understand that, it opens a BIG world of possibilities for them to imagine, create and express their own stories through loveable themes, diverse characters and drool-worthy colors.


Every time a kid finds solutions to challenges or boldly sets off on a brand-new story to tell, their confidence gets a BIG boost. Fortunately for them, DUPLO® bricks offer a perfect way to develop and exhibit this confidence. And it all starts by clicking two bricks together...

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Play Ideas

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Large ideas, on a small screen

The LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD app is a great way to integrate the world of DUPLO sets within the every growing digital landscape. Whether its digital building, immersive games, or multiplayer components, the LEGO DUPLO WORLD app is perfect for the on-the-go builder!

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