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What is LEGO® DUPLO®?

1. LEGO® DUPLO® bricks were designed for small hands with big ideas. Being twice the length, height and width of a LEGO® System Brick, they are easy for small hands to handle and cannot be swallowed.
2. These sets are designed for children from 1 1⁄2 to 5 years old and cover a range of interests, from everyday scenarios to your toddlers favourite Disney™ characters.
3. Despite their size, they are still compatible with traditional LEGO® System Bricks so as your child grows they can continue to use these bricks for their more advanced building projects.
4. Most importantly LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are designed to the highest safety standards. While we don't recommend chewing these, these bricks are non-toxic and have no sharp edges to ensure safe and fun play for you and your little one.

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Fun play ideas with DUPLO bricks for you and your little one.

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Learn through play with LEGO® DUPLO®

Kids practice lasting life skills through play and creativity. All kids love playing house and pretending to be mom and dad. And, with this easy-to-build 10929 | LEGO® DUPLO® Modular Playhouse, you can join in the fun too!

Kickstart your toddlers building adventures with the 10933 | LEGO® DUPLO® Construction Tower Crane & Construction

There’s a full day of activities for little construction workers to explore at the bustling building site.!

All aboard the 10874 | LEGO® DUPLO® Steam Train!

Young children can become the train driver with the Push & Go motor. Help them place the 5 colored action bricks along the track to sound the horn, turn the lights on and off, pause and refuel, change direction and stop the train wherever they like.